More than a cancer surgeon…

Guy Hingston is an Dr at the University of New England (UNE). He is a highly respected Oncoplastic Surgeon who exudes enthusiasm and passion for preventive health.

Guy’s powerful message, engaging style and depth of knowledge and experience as a surgical oncologist and preventive health expert, make him a uniquely motivational and inspirational medical specialist, speaker and author. His powerful message is a life-saver for anyone who is interested in living a longer, healthier life, from school children to business executives.

His new books, “The Gold Book for Men – Men’s Service Manual for Life” and “The Gold Book for Women – Women’s Service Manual for Life” are ground-breaking preventive healthcare tools that are receiving much acclaim from the health profession, business people, organisations and schools.

Dr Guy Hingston is an expert in the clinical management of breast cancer, with nearly 20 years of clinical experience as a specialist surgical oncologist. He currently resides in Port Macquarie, where he maintains a private practice in oncoplastic breast care. However, he is currently trying to establish a significant breast cancer research project through the Hunter Medical Research Institute, and is focused on establishing the genomic basis of breast cancer using next generation sequencing technology looking for the underlying somatic breast cancer mutations. He sees this as the next important practical step which is needed to help women with a new diagnosis of breast cancer.